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The children's show Pearlie on PBS Kids GO! teaches children about being themselves while exploring the world of Jubilee Park. The park is filled with wonderful creatures such as fairies, elves, butterflies, moths, and even bats. As Pearlie, Opal, and Jasper have fun managing the park, the wicked spa owner Saphira is always there to try and get Pearlie fired. It helps that she has Gobsmack, the park supervisor, twirled around her little finger. Continue to follow the fantastic adventures of Pearlie and her friends in Jubilee Park! You can't see them, but they see you!


Appointed by Fairy HQ, Pearlie is a 15-year old park fairy who keeps Jubilee Park in sparkling order. Her eyes are green, she has freckles, and her hair is light blonde with light turquoise highlights. She is also somewhat of a deluded-do-gooder who thinks she knows what is best for everyone else. She is full of over-the-top plans and parties for the park and its residents.

Her famous catchphrases are "stars and moonbeams", "hurley burley", "roots and twigs", and "buds and blossoms!" She also loves singing and dancing and she always loves to wear a pearly tiara with two colors; causally blue and pink during fancy events. Pearlie has no idea of her cousin's evil plans, always thinking the best of her. She has a crush on Leif.

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Pearlie - Episode 1

Pearlie - Episode 1


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